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Final project

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I am happy to say that I completed the technical part of our final project. Rarely, if ever, have I finished anything this far in advance. I think I found my project really practical, and I was doing things I definitely want to do with students.

Using a Wiki as my "base", I retold the first story of Tim O'Brien's novel The Things They Carried using several different technologies and several different voices.

November 20

I LOVE Isabella's Smile Box blog. I think it captures the essence of all the criteria. It is thoughtful, digitally instructive and inspiring. It is just plain interesting. After watching it, I wanted to do one, and to me, that s what makes a blog engaging and practical. Thanks Isabelle!

My Blog Winners!

I think my most professional post is about Digital Writing. I explained how I used it, and I provided links. As a professional should, I gave both the pros and cons of using photo story which has been my main venue for digital storytelling. I also gave several practical uses for it. Although there is not much professional controversy in it, unlike some of the other blogs that discussed ethical issues of professional blogging, I feel it was representative of my philosophy on professional blogging.

For creativity and design I picked my Glogster entry. I think it is reflective of both my creativity and my blossoming design skills. Again I explained its purpose and its value in my classroom. I specifically connected it to my project so it was more meaningful to me than just doing a random Glogster. I think it involved quite a few of the digital values we are trying to instill by using technology. I think the poster involve transmedia navigation in the collection of materials and the remixing of them. Multitasking and appropriation are also components of this project. While simulation occurs in the later tasks of the voice thread and the blog.


So, I am inspired to work on my project. Does anyone know if there is a way to speed up voice thread? It goes so torturously slow.

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